A home for the Same Polytechnic College

It has been an eventful past few weeks for us and we have some great news to share: we have found a home for the Same Polytechnic College. After considerable discussion with local authorities, community leaders and our project partners, we have chosen a 102 acre plot of land located just outside the town of Same (Sah-may). 

We are very excited about this site because of the advantages and opportunities for future growth that it offers:

  • The size of the plot is enough for us to build all of the buildings and other facilities necessary to support the practical, hands-on educational programs we have planned for the college
  • Its close proximity to the various social and economic amenities of town will make the campus very attractive to both students and faculty
  • The site provides access to the farming and livestock activities in the surrounding areas which will benefit the college’s programs in agriculture as well as other development & outreach programs we have planned
  • The local government has informed us that there is additional land available immediately adjacent to this site should the growth and development of the college require the campus to grow
  • The site is very flat which greatly reduces the amount of grading and other site preparation necessary for construction

We need to raise $25,000

Our co-founder Mansuetus Setonga looks on as representatives from the family currently using the land sign the agreement.

Our co-founder Mansuetus Setonga looks on as representatives from the family currently using the land sign the agreement.

The land we have chosen is owned by the government of Tanzania. After reviewing our preliminary master plan for the Same Polytechnic College, local officials generously offered to donate this 102 acres to our organization, giving us full legal ownership of the property. Like with most government land in Same and other rural areas of Tanzania, a local family has been allowed to use this property for farming and grazing their livestock. After discussing the purpose and goals of the project with them, the family has expressed strong support and willingly agreed to relinquish use of the land.

In accordance with Tanzanian law in situations like this, we in turn will compensate the family a total of US $25,000, roughly $250 per acre. As part of our due diligence in our search, we have found that land in and around Same typically sells for between $1,000 and $8,000 per acre depending on location. So while $25,000 is a considerable amount of money, it is far less than what we would have to pay were we to purchase land from private owners. This agreement has been documented, signed by all parties involved and witnessed by the District Commissioner of Same.

Help us expand learning opportunities in rural East Africa

Raising the $25,000 is a critical first step towards establishing the Same Polytechnic College. Once this money has been paid to the family in full, we will receive a title deed to the property from the Same District Land Office and can begin building. For more information on our plans for developing and building the Same Polytechnic College, click here.

In order to make this happen, we need your support. 100% of all donations received will go directly towards the $25,000 needed. A donation of $250 will secure 1 acre of the campus, $125 will secure half an acre. Every dollar counts so anything you can contribute will help. The people of rural East Africa need new, more practical learning opportunities to overcome the challenges the face. Together we can build something that will create lasting change in people's lives.

A view from the site just before sunset

A view from the site just before sunset