Expanding and improving educational opportunities

We are building a new vocational training college in the United Republic of Tanzania. Situated on a 102 acre site in the northern highlands of the Kilimanjaro Region, the Same (pronounced Sah-may) Polytechnic College will offer quality practical educational opportunities for up to 1,200 students, as well as continuing education programs and support a range of other community service activities to benefit the wider community.

College Mission

The Same Polytechnic College will be a comprehensive vocational training institution of higher learning specializing in fields relevant and impactful to rural East Africa. It will provide quality educational, social, cultural, economic, and civic advancement to citizens on the local, national and regional level. 

Educational programs

The College will offer a range of programs in seven different schools organized based on area of study. Special emphasis will be placed on addressing the region's need for effective, skilled and knowledgeable farmers, builders, teachers, and entrepreneurs. The core curriculum, and upper division courses in all programs will be based on an educational approach of learn by doing. Through this approach the coursework will have appropriate breadth and depth and will guide students progressively towards competency in their respective fields through practical, hands-on learning experiences.

Educational programs.png

Development & Outreach programs

The College will also host several development and outreach programs as part of our greater strategy to end poverty. While these programs will extend beyond higher education, they will concentrate their activities in many of the same fields as those of the College's educational programs. Our staff and volunteers in these development and outreach programs will work with faculty to incorporate student hands-on learning experiences into their activities while collaborating on new ideas and sharing resources and facilities.

Planning & design

We aim to make this campus a model of environmentally sustainable development that will educate through its very design and operations, helping to prepare graduates, faculty, and regional partners for the energy and resource challenges confronting both the East African and global communities. Working with several partner organizations, we have developed a master plan for the campus to support future decision-making and provide a framework to guide the design of the necessary infrastructure and facilities.

Development Plan

This project is no small task. We need your support to make the Same Polytechnic College a reality. Learn more about the steps that lay ahead and what you can do to make a lasting impact in the lives of people for generations to come.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual
— Albert Einstein